Verify Which Version of the FOSS Kits you are requesting Training For

Important Notice to FOSS Users

In June 2012, the K-6 FOSS program released a new version of its program -  the 3rd edition.  Since these materials are significantly different than the earlier version, we offer two different trainings.  Before you register with us, you need to know which version of the FOSS K-6 program you are using.


If you're not sure which version you are using, click hennessaatride [dot] ri [dot] net (subject: Which%20version%20of%20FOSS%20am%20I%20using%3F) (here) to get your current version.

Click below for the training you need:

FOSS 3rd edition trainings (released June 2012)

Version of FOSS prior to 2012