Welcome to the FAQ page - KITES

The "Kits in Teaching Elementary Science" Program

What does my school need to do to get involved?

Schools usually start by trying out kits with a few teachers to see if it's for them. We can help with orientations for teachers, administrators and parents.

Can my school particpate in KITES, even if we are not a member of the East Bay Collaborative?

Yes,schools are calling all the time to see how they can participate. Call (401) 245-4998 ext 315.

How can I be sure if KITES is for my school?

The KITES Program is part of a national movement that supports an inquiry-centered approach to learning science. There is a great deal of research that suggests that student achievement is enhanced with this kind of program. In addition, the connection is being made between improved reading and writing scores of students who engage in inqury science experiences where thse skills are emphasized. The El Centro data supports this claim.

How do you know that kit-based science instruction is better than traditional science instruction?

A great deal of research has come out in the past 5 years that supports higher student scores on standardized tests in science for kids who are engaged in this kind of science. In addition, scores for student go up dramatically in reading, writing and math when science is taught this way in an integrated fashion. See Mike Klentchy's report on his results in El Centro, CA as well as the data from Pittsburg's ASSET Program.

What is the "KITES" Program all about?

"KITES" is the name we have given to our East Bay Collaborative K-6 Science Curriculum. It stands for "Kits in Teaching Elementary Science". In 1994, the East Bay Educational Collaborative received a $5M grant to initiate science reform in grades K-6. Our reform model is based on the premise that 5 areas must be addressed: top-notch standards-based curriculum materials, a system of replenishment and delivery to teachers, an on-going program of professional development, a way to assess the program and its effectiveness with students, and a program to build community and administrative support. The KITES curriculum is based on the use of science curriculum materials in the form of kits that were developed through funding from the national Science Foundation supporting national standards for science. There are programs like ours happening all across the country.