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About the Career Learning Center

The Career Learning Center was developed to meet the needs of students 14 and older with disabilities in the East Bay area. Unlike other vocational evaluation programs, we offer a highly comprehensive approach to individualized assessments ( i.e. . , skills training and job readiness.)

Career Development

Vocational Assessment

We offer a comprehensive service in which our staff begins by assessing skill levels, identifying any barriers to employment, and then moves to hands-on experience with various community businesses.

Assessment Internships

Career Learning Center has developed solid relationships with various employers throughout the East Bay area to help secure opportunities for students.

Who is eligible?

  • Any student 14 and older with a disability.
  • Students who have not yet received vocational testing and require opportunities to determine vocationalskills.
  • Students must be potentially eligible to receive services from the Office of Rehabilitation upon completion of evaluation.

How it works - The Referral Process

Referrals for vocational services should be made directly to the regional Rehabilitation Counselors to insure eligibility. All authorizations will be provided by the counselor. The Career Learning Center Vocational Administrator will work directly with the Rehabilitation Counselors.

Intake meeting will take place once referral has been made. Purpose of intake is information sharing, matching student to appropriate assessment site, and length of assessment.

Career Learning Opportunities

For more information contact:

yettners1_athotmail [dot] com (Sally Ribeiro)
Lead Coordinator
(401) 245-2045  Ext. 311
kferreiraatebecri [dot] org (Kerri Ferreira)
Vocational Facilitator
(401) 245-4998 Ext. 385
jaudetteatebecri [dot] org (Jon Audette)
Vocational Facilitator
(401) 245-4998 Ext. 385

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