Scientist's Notebook Toolkit

Scientist's Notebook Toolkit


Check out FOSS's Scientists' Notebook for

On Having Goals

 "On Having Goals"
A Poem by Art Holst

Check out the TESLA (Teaching for Excellence in Science and Literacy Achievement) Science Notebook Website - Lewiston, Idaho

NEW: Getting Students Ready for the 4th Grade NECAP Test

Kit Specific Resources 
FOSS 3rd Edition Units
FOSS 2nd Edition Units and STC Units

    Unit Designs - a compilation of Rhode Island GSE's and focus questions                
    Labels for Focus Questions
    Engaging Scenarios
    Kit Matrixes
    Writing prompts and quick-writes

Checklists and Sample Lessons
    Portfolio Assessment Templates
    Sample Inquiry Lessons  

Raina's Flipchart Checklist 

RI Grade Span Expectations - annotated

Alignment to Rhode Island K-4 Grade Span Expectations
Alignment to Rhode Island 5-8 Grade Span Expectations

Connecticut Science Standards

Scientist's Notebook Guide
    A Before, During, and After Strategy
    Scientist's Notebook Model
    Student Guide to Scientist's Notebook
    Lesson planning template
    Feedback Guide

    Guide for creating an index in a student notebook

Is A Materials Resource Center Right for You? by Dr. Tom Peters

Great Articles Supporting Science and Literacy
    Science Writing Heuristic                                                               
    Science Notebook Essentials by Dr. Mike Klentschy
Five Good Reasons to Use  Science Notebooks            
    Evidence Helps the KWL Get a KLEW
    Taking Inventory

 PowerPoint Presentations
Science Reform Workshop, Dec 17, 2008 -
             Investigating Simple Circuits by Dr. Mike Klentschy

   The Reading Writing Connection to Inquiry Based Science
          NSTA 2006 Anaheim
            Dr. Mike Klentschy, Ron DeFronzo, Wendy Binder
    Reading and Kit Use
    Research which supports science and literacy connections    
    Components and strategies for using scientist's notebooks           
    Elementary Notebooks
    Workshop Presentation for Marbles, Tracks, and Ramps
Horizons Research Inc Data - "Looking Inside the Classroom"
    America's Pressing Challenge, by Joanne Vasquez

Student Work

Literacy Strategy Templates

Check out these great websites for kindergarten developed by Michelle, one of our own teachers
   Kinder Squirt

   Eric Carle Website
Planting a Literacy Garden

Spotlight On a SMILES Mentor Jim Booth


A testimony from Ann - a 6th grade teacher from East Bay

Check Out Washington State's New Website on Science Notebooks
    Science Notebook Organization
    Science Notebook Entry Types

    Curriculum Topic Study on Living/NonLiving

"I left the notebook training session last Monday and thought more about Jane’s (name changed) statement that our kits are a tool to use in our classrooms in order to better teach our students. It reminded me of when..."
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