Science Materials Resource Center


The Rhode Island

Science Materials Resource Center


The Backbone of a Science-Literate

Workforce for Rhode Island


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Serving 50% of all K-8 students in Rhode Island 

Services provided:

  • Provides start-up consulting support for districts/schools interested in adopting kit-based, inquiry science

  • Coordinates kit schedules for over 240 schools in 20 RI districts and 3 MA districts

  • Updates kit component parts based on teacher feedback

  • Supports students’ role in managing the materials with alpha inventory lists, (pictorial inventory lists for K-1), teacher training and video.

  • Configures kits to support 1-5 classes of students

  • Audits and replenishes kits after each use

  • Supports Teacher-to-Teacher and Teacher-to-MRC Feedback System

  • Organizes the kit deliveries and tracks the kits at the schools

  • Negotiates with vendors for best price/quality

  • Purchases in bulk, pre-packs consumable items

  • Supports districts’ related professional development needs

  • Track teachers’ kit training professional development

  • Offers tours of the RI Science Materials Resource Center

  • Supports pre-service teacher programs with kit materials and orientation tours


Providing state-of-the-art science materials to over 1500 K-8 teachers

The right materials to the right teacher at the right time


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