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The Rhode Island Transition Academy

@ Roger Williams University


The RI Transition Academy is a unique educational program that provides motivated students an opportunity to complete their high school education on a college campus and in various community settings.  It is designed for students aged 18 to 21 who:

¨       have an IEP, are currently enrolled in school and are near completion of their academic program

¨       are eligible for Office of Rehabilitation Services

¨       need a community-based functional skills/vocational curriculum

¨       can achieve independence (with initial support)

¨       can follow the rules and expectations of a college/university setting

Group classes and other activities are held on the campus of Roger Williams University and in various community sites.  Vocational activities take place in the community.  The staff consists of one full-time certified Teacher/Coordinator, and two Transition Facilitators/Instructional Assistants.  The East Bay Collaborative and the East Bay Regional Transition Center provide administrative and supervisory support.

Transportation to and from the program will be the responsibility of the sending LEA.  The program staff provides other transportation.  Utilization of the RIPTA or the RIDE Para-transit system is encouraged, as it is a more appropriate method of transportation for students attending “college.”  It is encouraged that application to use the RIDE system is made as soon as possible. Generally, the academic year follows that of Roger Williams University.


The tuition for the RI Transition Academy @ Roger Williams is currently $25,500 for an academic year (180 days).  An agreement has been reached with the Office of Rehabilitation Services to pay $4,500 toward the first year’s tuition, with possibility of partial second year funding based on documented needs of the student.  ORS eligible students will be tuitioned at a rate of $21,000 (2,100/mo.) 

Referral / Application to the Transition Academy

The decision to apply to the Transition Academy must be made by the student’s IEP team, and must include the Office of Rehabilitation Counselor if ORS is to pay for a portion of the tuition.

An application packet (enclosed) must be completed for each student referred to the Transition Academy. A Special Education Director of a Rhode Island Local Education Agency or his/her designee must send the completed application packet and all supporting materials to the RI Transition Academy.  The referral package must include a letter of tuition acknowledgement/authorization from the sending school district.  Applications will not be reviewed for admission until all records have been received. 

Applications will be considered based on funding for the entire school year or remainder of the year if student is accepted after September.  Students may participate in the Transition Academy for up to two years based on the Academy’s criteria and IEP team recommendation.

Admission to the Transition Academy

The Transition Academy will have an admissions committee to review each application for enrollment and to interview the candidate to ascertain motivation to participate and appropriate qualifications.  The Committee will be composed of Academy staff and a parent representative.  The Committee will attempt to build a class of 10 students that will most benefit from the services of the Academy.  LEA’s, students and families will be notified of the Committee’s decision.

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