Literacy Resources

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Literacy Resources


    Our library resources are available for on-site use at any time for teachers and administrators in participating districts.  Many of the books are available for loan. The videos can be previewed in our library, but in most cases are unavailable for loan due to the high usage and demand for these.




·       Beyond Leveled Books

·       Reading With Meaning

·       Strategy Instruction in Action

·       Strategies That Work

·       Nonfiction Matters Grade 3-8

·       Literature Circles

·       Looking Into Literature Circles

·       In the Company of Children

·       Inside Reading/ Writing Workshops

·       Is That A Fact?

·       Supporting Struggling Readers/Writers

·       By Different Paths to Common Outcome

·       Yellow Brick Roads

·       I Read It, but I Don’t Get It

·       Craft Lessons

·       Nonfiction Craft Lessons

·       When Students Write

·       I See What You Mean

·       What’s Visual Literacy?

·       How to Differentiate Instruction in Mixed Ability Classrooms

·       Links Secondary Metacognitive

·       Links Primary Strategies Resource

·       Writing Monograph

·       Portraits of Learning

·       Writing Mini-Lessons

·       Standards for our School

·       Educating Everybody’s Children

·       Transforming Classroom Grading

·       Grading and Reporting Student Learning

·       Student Achievement Through Staff Development

·       Teaching Reading In The Content Areas: If Not Me, Then Who?

·       Teaching Reading in Mathematics

·       Teaching Reading in Science

·       Problems as Possibilities

·       More Strategies for Educating Every Child

·       Winning Strategies for Classroom Management

·       Brain Matters: Translating Research

·       Problem-Based Learning Inq.

·       50 Literacy Strategies: Step by Step

·       More Strategies for Educating Everybody’s Children

·       Children’s Literature

·       Adding It Up:  Helping Children Learn Mathematics

·       Improving Mathematics Education:  Resources for Decision Making

·       Listening to Urban Kids:  School Reform and the Teachers They Want

·       Standards for Our Schools:  How to Set Them, Measure Then, and Reach Them.

·       Reading Essentials

·       Strategies That Work

·       Guiding Reading and Writers

·       Creating Writers Through 6-Trait Writing Assessment and Instruction

·       Reading Essentials

·       “You Gotta Be The Book’:  Teaching Engaged and Reflective Reading With Adolescents

·       Writing In The Content Area

·       Differentiated Instruction: A Guide for Middle and High School Teachers

·       Children’s Literature:  Engaging Teachers and Children in Good Books

·       Mosiac of Thought:  Teaching Comprehension in a Reader’s Workshop



·         Snapshots:  The Video

·         Lessons in Revision:  The Power of Detail

·         Buddy Study System

·         After The End:  Teaching and Learning Creative  Revision

·         Video Word Study

·         Fractions and Some Cool Distractions

·         Improving Instruction Through Observation

·         Using Classroom Assessment to Guide Instruction

·         The Brain and Reading Series

·         The Brain and Mathematics Entire Series

·         At Work In the Differentiated Classroom

·         Problem-Based Learning Series

·         Reading in the Content Areas

·         Lesson Collection Series

·         The Lesson Collection Tapes

·         Speaking and Listening

·         Happy Reading

·         Running Records

·         Inside Reading/Writing Workshop

·         When Students Write

·         Strategy Instruction in Action