Career Academy

East Bay Career Academy


     The East Bay Educational Collaborative (EBEC) provides a Regional Alternative Program (RAP) called the East Bay Career Academy (EBCA).  The EBCA serves students, grades eight through twelve, who are not able to be successful in the traditional high school setting.  Students attending the Academy may have diagnosed significant learning, behavioral and/or emotional disabilities The EBEC provides public school districts with this educational opportunity when the overall needs of a student cannot be met within his/her public school.

     The EBCA program is designed to provide an educational and therapeutic environment that helps students gain the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in less restrictive school, work and community settings.  The unique needs of the students are addressed through individualized programming in the areas of curriculum, instruction and assessment and psychological intervention. A team approach is utilized to develop a plan designed to promote a student's academic and behavioral growth.  The EBCA team includes the classroom teachers and instructional assistants with the support services of a program director, school guidance counselor, and school psychologist. In addition to the staff, the student's family and appropriate community agencies are vital contributing team members.

     The EBCA, in providing a positive learning environment for students whom the “traditional” educational setting has proven inadequate, strives to have all students develop the skills, knowledge and character to be responsible and productive citizens.  Students attending the EBCA are provided the opportunity to acquire gainful employment while maintaining academic accountability.

Benefits for Students


     Students attending the EBCA are provided academic and vocational opportunities that are individually tailored to meet their unique needs.  Traditional academic subjects coupled with Vocational Education and On-The-Job Training provide experiences for students to better understand themselves and their communities.  Pre-vocational options include on-site courses that are designed to enlighten students about the various aspects of the working world.  The collaboration of the EBCA and the community is essential to the total educational setting. Students may participate in community-based programs, part-time placements, or a work study program as provided by the EBCA.  Vocational programs, such as possible placement in the Academy’s MTTI Program at the MTTI Institute are made available for Academy students.   Also offered are advanced Art Programs in coordination with local Art Studios. Other appropriate internships, are individually designed to take into consideration the student's cognitive, emotional and behavioral status as they prepare to transition to post-secondary education, training, or the world of work.

     The Academy has moved forward in trying to improve student reading effectiveness by employing the latest, most advanced reading program available in its “Achieve 3000” Reading Program which individualizes reading instruction to all of its students.  In keeping with the individualization of student programming, the Academy uses its network of computers, “smart boards, and other technology, in conjunction with the curriculum to enhance student performance and allow for a more diverse individualized program.  By infusing and integrating technology into the curriculum in this manner, the Academy is able to successfully offer each student alternative opportunities to present evidence of student success.  This greatly assists in preparing the Academy students for graduation, post-secondary education, the world of work, and in general, attaining the life skills necessary to be successful and a productive member of society.  

     The Academy has established, in conjunction with the Rhode Department of Education and the school districts that it serves, the appropriate Proficiency Based Graduation Requirements (PBGRs) necessary for students attending alternative educational programs to graduate with a diploma from their respective sending school districts. 


Benefits for Students

Our focus on students’ strengths and capabilities leads to increased self-confidence and real world achievements

  • Students receive school credit for at-work experiences
  • Five to one student-teacher ratio allow for quality one-to-one attention
  • Structured programs are designed with the flexibility to meet individual needs
  • Students may participate in “sending-school” extracurricular activities


Benefits for Parents

Our programs recognizes the needs of families and the importance of a cooperative effort

  • The open door policy involves parents in their child’s education
  • We provide a leaning environment for children who may have given up on their education
  • Improved behaviors in school translate into improved behaviors in the home and the community
  • Intensive attendance policy prevents students from falling through the cracks
  • We work as a team with the state and private agencies to help meet the needs of your child


Benefits for District

We are a district-friendly experienced staff

  • Tuition is significantly lower than the equivalent alternative placements
  • Our 20-day diagnostic period allows for a full evaluation of the student
  • Clinical psychologist offers complete assessment and ongoing counseling and consultation
  • Students receive quality educational experiences in a nurturing environment filled with accountability, rewards and personal growth


Services provided

  • For-credit educational coursework in major subject areas
  • Functional behavioral analysis/positive behavioral supports
  • Individual Education Plans (in conjunction with the sending districts)
  • Psychological evaluations
  • Group therapy
  • Ongoing counseling
  • Job placement
  • Vocational screening and evaluation
  • State of the art computer lab
  • Exciting hands-on science program
  • True to life entrepreneurship training and experiences
  • Family support systems