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Removing Barriers and

Improving Access

What is Assistive Technology?

Any item, piece of equipment, product or system that is used to increase, maintain or improve the functional capabilities of children with disabilities. Assistive Technology may be acquired commercially, be “off the shelf”, or be a modification or a customization.

Did you know?

Every IEP Team is required to consider a child’s need for assistive technology.

Assistive Technology Enables Kids to Learn

The Resource Center provides services to districts at a reduced cost. Typical services include:

  • Student evaluations
  • Consultations with teachers, other professionals or para-professionals
  • Consultation with parents
  • Use of equipment from our AT lending library
  • Specific device training
  • In-class computer training

Benefits children receive through Assistive Technology

  • Achievement
  • Productivity
  • Inclusion
  • Equal access to the
  • curriculum
  • Positive self-esteem
  • Social interaction
  • Independence

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