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East Bay Educational Collaborative (EBEC)

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All East Bay public school districts, the schools within them, and the region as a whole will operate as exemplary professional learning communities characterized by the skills, practices, attitudes and results expected of such communities.


To share, coordinate and combine selected resources of our eight member districts in ways that

• Support the development of all our teachers, administrators and other professional personnel into world class educators

• Support the development of all our schools into world class educational institutions

• Provide administrative services that are more cost effective, of higher quality -- or both

• Better serve the needs of selected special needs populations

..for the success of all our learners in ways that maintain the individuality of each district .


EBEC actively seeks out and develops state-of-the-art programs and services from the national stage that support the mission of the EBEC and imports them to advance the learning community. EBEC strives to maintain a dynamic system of support services that continuously responds to the needs of the member districts.
  • EBEC provides the context in which districts can share, coordinate, and combine selected resources or otherwise collaborate with one another for the good of each member district and for the common good of all the districts.

  • EBEC provides high quality programmatic, administrative, school reform and professional development services to the member districts. 

  • EBEC optimizes economies of scale and revenue support to ensure cost savings to the member districts.

  • EBEC offers certain programs and services to districts outside of the East Bay, which produce additional revenue support and contribute to the advancement of educational excellence in our state.